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Art is a source of beauty, inspiration, personal and collective reflection and emotional support in these unprecedented times. Many of you already know that we are a small but active company that operates as a contemporary art gallery developing the market of this sector. We are committed to the passion of emerging artists and the prestige of artists with consolidated careers, who you can rediscover or discover in the international market

As a private company, on our scale, we promote the economy and employment by hiring other small and medium enterprises as well as independent professionals. We work, for example, with Spanish and Italian transport and framing companies, and with local suppliers of lighting, assembly, reprographics, marketing, media services, catering etc. 

Together with our artists, we want to make our contribution in these dramatic moments. We believe that sharing art, its emotional depth and its conceptual charge, is essential.

We want to transmit our love and support to all those who have lost loved ones.  And also to express our maximum admiration, gratitude and respect to the health care workers, security forces, caregivers and volunteers involved in the fight against COVID-19.

For all these reasons, we commit ourselves to dedicate from 50% to 100% of the sale price of Ruggiero M. Rutigliano's works of art to the fight against the Covid-19. These are the works from his last individual exhibition "One Moment Shapes" which we interrupt in advance for safety reasons. 

Also included are works by other artists who have generously accepted to be part of this action. This donation concerns the following works:

- the picto-sculptures, paper art of mixed technique and the conceptual works of the Italian artist Ruggiero M. Rutiglian

- the sculptures of the Spanish artist Belen Orta that participated in her recent exhibition "Woman in art",

- works from the "Glass Memories" series by Madrid-born Jesús Chamizo

 - Paintings from the latest production of Pakistani artist Shahz Hassan Dhazi to be exhibited in Europe for the first time.

-Works by Iranian artist Arash Radpour.

- Photography by American Gabriel Dean Roberts.

- Graphic work by the Flemish artist Jeroen de Vliegher.

- Pieces from the last production of the German artist Marín Kasimir. 

If you have in mind an organization with which you want to collaborate, you can let us know. We have already contacted the Belgian Red Cross, the L'Ilot Association that comes to the aid of the homeless in Brussels and Wallonia, the Spanish section of Firemen without Borders and recently Doctors without Borders with action in Italy.

You can find information about each of these three organizations below.  If you have any questions, want to get additional information, we will be happy to give you all the answers. You can contact us directly.

Best Regards,

Désirée Meza-Mesia The Red Cross provides significant logistical support to the Belgian hospital system. L'Ilot (Action in Brussels and IN Wallonia) This NGO is responsible for helping the homeless and offering them essential services with an additional effort in the context of this crisis. Firefighters without borders (Spain) At the moment, the 'Firemen without borders' manufacture protective screens for medical personnel and deliver them free of charge to hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and paramedics across Spain. in Italy fights the coronavirus in the Italian territory protecting the most fragile communities such as geriatrics and trains general practitioners to lighten the burden of the epidemic in hospitals. Doctors without Borders teams are composed of doctors, nurses, hygiene experts and logistics specialists, who support hospital and geriatric infrastructures. They support and reinforce staff involved in the health care chain from patients presenting the first symptoms to those who are 100% positive.

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